Inspired By Those Runner Mamas Out There

For those of you following us on Instagram (you’re not yet? you should be!: @spectatorsprts), you saw that we rolled out a new design this week, our “just rollin’ with it” stroller onesie and t-shirt.

The inspiration for this new design came from real-life runner mamas I saw last weekend. You see, Ruth and I try to participate in a decent number of 5ks throughout the year, for both our health and for the causes they support. This past weekend, we were part of the brand new “Healthy Heart 5K,” which took place in FDR Park in Philadelphia. While I tend to stay on the sidelines for longer races such as marathons, I’m an active participant in shorter distances. These smaller races are a great opportunity to hit the ground running, literally, and see the race from the runner’s eyes. I’m so often the one on the side of the course cheering that participating in the occasional run helps me remember what it’s like to feel the support of spectators myself.

The Healthy Heart 5k was a smaller race, so the course was not lined with spectators, but what I did notice was how many families got out there and completed the run together, even with tiny tots in tow. There were several moms running with jogging strollers, some with more than one child strapped in, and they looked like total champs. It got me thinking about the fact that sometimes the littlest members of the family make great training partners, and that a lot of moms (and dads!) rely on being able to take their kiddos with them when they run.

And so, the idea for “just rollin’ with it” was born. By mid-week, we had two new products – one a t-shirt for toddlers, and the other a onesie for those really little ones. If you haven’t yet, check them out on the site (, and let us know what you think!



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