About Us


Spectator Sports celebrates the passion, pride, and commitment that supporters bring to a race. With a full range of fun and personal race day apparel, we aim to honor the critical role of spectators in a world that needs us to cheer each other on and build each other up now more than ever.

Our Story

Created in 2018, the idea for Spectator Sports was born after founder Shannon Connolly spent four years cheering on her wife, an Abbott World Marathon Majors finisher, at races across multiple U.S. states and three continents. After each race, her wife would return with a medal, a t-shirt, and other fun race swag, all proudly stamped with the event's date and location. Not a marathoner herself, it never seemed right to wear a shirt emblazoned with the race logo, so Shannon often refrained from buying any swag at all. But, as a spectator, she found herself tasked with her own kind of marathon: planning the travel details, finding ideal spots to watch along the course, and spending the duration of the race rushing around in hopes she could get a quick glimpse of her wife and offer an encouraging high-five. 

After bonding with other spectators around the world who were out at marathons supporting friends, family members, and their community, it became clear that spectators are a committed and inspirational group of people who deserve their own race apparel to commemorate the day.

So, for navigating unfamiliar metros, calculating mile times for the best places to cheer, and always having that extra bottle of water on hand while your runner is on the course, Spectator Sports has created apparel made just for you and your race day experience.